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SWIX Nordic Walking

SWIX of Lillehammer, Norway makes the world's fastest ski wax and the best ski racing poles. And now ALL ages and ALL fitness levels can now unlock the calorie burning and aerobic benefits of Nordic Ski Walking with help from the American Nordic Walking System and SWIX poles from SKIWALKING.COM

"Pete Edwards, the owner/founder/coach of The American Nordic Walking System and WWW.SKIWALKING.COM Nordic Walking Poles, has single handedly introduced thousands of Americans to Nordic Walking! I have no doubt that Edwards is the #1 retailer of Nordic Walking Poles in the USA! You can quote me on that!" says Nick Mahood, SWIX Nordic Walking Director.

SWIX Nordic Walking Poles: Safe, Stable and User-Friendly!

SWIX Nordic Walking Poles are safer, lighter and much more durable than cheap/flimsy twist-lock and flip-lock 2-piece and 3-piece adjustable length poles from China that rattle, vibrate and/or collapse unexpectedly.

Nordic Walking poles


The human body was created for movement, and the human mind for experiences. Swix now gives you the best of both with Nordic Walking -- the form of exercise that refreshes you mentally while providing a good work-out physically.
Nordic Walking